GLKit Night

When: February 21, 7:00 PM

Where: TechShop
120 Sundance Parkway, Suite 350
Round Rock, TX 78681

From 7:00 – 7:30, it’s Show-&-Tell. So bring your code and your apps and show them off.

This will be GLKit Night. GLKit is Apple’s way of making OpenGL ES more approachable and easier to use for developers. And what’s not to like about GLKit or -snapshot?

Rajat will talk about GLKit and shaders. While GLKit tries to shade one from having to write Shaders, sometimes you just have to shade. For example, let’s say you want shadows? After Rajat finishes, you’ll be have a better understanding of both GLKit, shaders, and how they can work together.

Jim will talk about his experience with GLKit in building his ISS Space Station app. There isn’t a lot of sample code on how to use GLKBaseEffectGLKMatrixStack, and even how to build a nice spotlight, so his presentation will hopefully help those wondering how to shove your GLKBaseEffect instance into GLKMatrixStack.

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