10 years ago, the site was created with Apple’s iWeb. And for the past 10 years, was updated with iWeb. iWeb, if you’ve never heard of it, was one of the most beautiful web site creation tools around. The elegance of the site template designs made all others look…well, cheap or gaudy. Through hard work, one could create an ugly website with iWeb, but if you followed the iWeb templates you were pretty much guaranteed a site that you would never be unhappy to show-off as a non-web programmer.

Several years ago, Apple decided to end development of iWeb. No reason was given. held-on as long as possible to its iWeb-designed site. But when Apple suspended support for iWeb’s built-in widgets, meaning no more support maps for one, it was time for the site to move on.

It is hoped that you like our new site built on It is still a work in progress, but the features of the original site will be built-in to the new one. In fact, if anything, moving to allows us to focus on creating content that we can then push to the many widgets that supports.

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